Frequently Asked Questions


How are shipping costs calculated?

We’ve already negotiated up to 60% off standard courier rates from all our locations.
The costs are calculated based on many variables such as: weight, size, distance, service, etc.

Do I need to pay for boxes and shipping supplies?

All standard packing materials are provided free of charge. However, you are welcome to provide your own custom boxes and supplies.

Can my products be delivered internationally?

Of course, our shipping software will calculate the best rates to any destination you can imagine.

Can my customers make a return?

Yes, once a return has been requested we can email your customer a return label at the best shipping rates. Alternatively, customers can drop returns at any one of our fulfillment centres.

Can I use VELD Fulfillment for my B2B orders?

Absolutely, you can initiate a custom B2B order at any time for an additional cost.

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