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At VELD we’re experts in cold chain fulfillment solutions and customer care. Yes, you! But your customer is also our customer.

If customer experience is your top priority, we’re perfect for each other. Just like a great relationship, we share the chores. You’ve got a great store, we’ve got great fulfillment. You’ve got brilliant customers, we’ve got brilliant customer service.

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“I felt like I couldn’t grow until I moved to VELD. Now I am encouraged to go global with them. My board even said to me, ‘thank heaven’s you switched to VELD.”

Paris Kamado,
CEO at Ancient Africa Food Co.

3 Continents, 1 Partner


We’ve got you covered from London to NY to Cape Town and beyond! We all dream of taking our brands to new markets.

Why dream it when you can do it? Stop depriving the world of your genius. Make the call, send that email, dispatch the messenger, we’re ready and waiting!

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How VELD gets you online in no time


Install our plugin, upload your products & send us the goods.


We’ll store and relocate your products, as per your needs.


Your orders roll in and we deliver on schedule with a smile.


VELD is an end-to-end cold chain fulfillment solutions provider trusted by top DTC brands globally

Make money, save seconds, please people


Let customers choose from Same Day, Next Day, and 2 Day shipping. Your customers will benefit from up to 60% off standard courier pricing.

That’s right, we’ve done the negotiating so you don’t have to. And if that’s not enough, it’s all wrapped up into a beautiful bundle of seamless customer experience.

Let the tech do the heavy lifting


Our tech communicates with your store to provide live stock levels and real-time shipping rates. This is how we ensure a flawless customer experience and let you keep track of your inventory across all of our fulfillment centres.

You’ll know your customers are paying the best rates and there’s always stock to satisfy demand.

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Cold chain fulfillment solutions from order to delivery in no time.

Use our online platform and on-the-ground fulfillment centers to help you strategically and easily manage your inventory, cut your logistic costs, and speed up your shipping services.

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